CertificateCreatorcom video

At a charity event we were able to purchase the time of a video production company to put together a promotional video. We utilized their time to come up with a video that showcase the benefits of the Certificate Creator. To kick off the premiere of this event we are running a special on Deluxe memberships. Use promotional code: bigROOF933 to get 20% off on a Deluxe membership. We’ll be running this for the remaining month of October.

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Creating a shadowed effect


This how-to video will walk you through step by step on how to create a text effect that looks like the text is slightly off the page. Add a text banner to the certificate canvas Click the new object to select it, move it to where you want it located on the canvas Click the clone button to create an exact copy of the selected text Click the new clone object to select it Drag it down so it is not overlapping the original object Select the original object and change it's color to gray Now move the cloned object up over the top of the gray one and offset it slighly to get the shadow effect.

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