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Toll Free Number Cancelled

Just a heads up but we have cancelled the toll free number. For 99.9% of you that means nothing as our preferred method of communication is via our support forms. After 13 years of having a dedicated toll free number we have decided to cancel it, the only calls ever recieved on it were telemarketers or other forms of solitication. If you need us or have questions feel free to reach out to us via the forms inside the Certificate Creator app or the contact us form.

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Conversion Continues

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The conversion of the certificate assets from version 3 to 4 is coming along. Over the July 4th holiday we were able to add 252 Clip Art pieces to version 4.0 of the Certificate Creator. We ported over all certificate templates in the Patriotic and Religious categories. Here is one of the NEW certificates for Outstanding Academic Excellence:

Next up is to move the remaining borders from version 3 to the version 4 application and the remaining Sports category certificates.

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Version 4.0 Coming Soon

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Version 4.0 Coming Soon

Take the next version of the Certificate Creator for a spin and let us know what you think. This is a complete rewrite of the front end and the back end! Your current Certificate Creator logins will work, that is if you were current in the last few years. There is also a free membership type to choose from! Not all the templates and clip art are in the new system, with 17 years of images to go through and convert it will take some time to round everything up. We’ve had 8 different servers and hard drives over those years. Did I mention any memberships new or renewed with the new system are ½ off?

  • Search feature
  • Sign certificates with your own handwriting. This will be a Premium feature but available to everyone for now
  • More font options utilizing Google Fonts
  • Center, align, rotate text

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Christmas Certificates

news and updates holiday

Just in time for Christmas we've added new certificates to match the holiday theme. There are 2 new Official Santa Nice List certificates for good girls and boys. Then there are a couple of fun certificates that play on two of my favorite Christmas movies. Major Award Certificate gets it's inspiration from A Christmas Story movie and the Jelly of the Month Club Certificate is from the classic Chevy Chase movie Christmas Vacation. Start creating.

These new certificates didn't make the cutoff deadline to be included in the iOS version of our Christmas Certificates but the iOS app is available from the Apple App Store as well:

Certificate of Appreciation

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We have added 14 new Certificates of Appreciation to the Certificate Creator Site and released a new iOS app! The 14 certificates include Military Appreciation, Volunteer Appreciation and other certificates worthy of business and school use. The iOS app also allows you to not only print the certificates but you can share them on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social networks.

In the application you can find these new certificates in the Appreciation category.

Soccer Futbol Certificates

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This might not cure your World Cup Fever, but it just might help. We have released an app for Apple iOS devices with soccer/fútbol/futsal certificates and awards.

Some of the certificates:

  • Golden Ball Award
  • Golden Boot Award
  • Golden Glove Award
  • Clean Sheet Award
  • Nutmeg Award
  • Fair Play
  • Most Valuable Player
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Smelliest Equipment Award
  • And more…

Download it from the Apple App Store.

New iOS Certificate Creator Apps

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It's been a while, a long while since we've updated the blog. For the most part the has been running along with people creating and printing their certificates without any intervention from me. We have been busy working on some new ideas and we are ready to get the word out and into your hands and onto your iPhones and iPads. Since the first of the year I have been quietly releasing small Certificate Creator theme packs for iOS devices. The first one was suppose to be released for the Christmas season with some of our popular Christmas certificates but we ran into a little approval hiccup and weren't granted into the app store till after Christmas. Up next was a theme pack for Valentines Day. Once again an approval hiccup had us miss the February 14th date. Not to despair I released a third app, this one featuring the certificates that are currently in the Free Area of the site. Third time was a charm as it breezed right thru the approval process.

These iOS offerings are the same templates with some slight and subtle changes here and there. The main difference to the iOS apps are their customization options. All that is available to change are certain fields like the recipients name, what the certificate is for, date and who the certificate is from. Unlike the full membership area where anything on the certificate can be changed the iOS apps are limited.

The main focus of the iOS apps are still printing but the iOS apps also enable sharing via social networks. The apps can share certificates to Facebook, Twitter, email and Flickr as well as to the user's camera roll.

Give them a go on your iPhone and iPad:

  • Certificate Creator Lite
  • Valentines (Includes World's Greatest Mother certificates perfect for the upcoming Mother's Day)
  • Christmas

  • Back to School Certificates to Print

    news and updates

    It's that time of the year as school starts and the kids get back into their routine. Use the Certificate Creator to recognize a student that read over the summer, played soccer or completed their first triathlon.

    For this back to school week starting today 09/06/11 till 09/10/11 we have a $40 off on all deluxe memberships! This is for new and existing members that need to renew their subscription. To take advantage use this promotion code: backtoschool4 for new memberships or backtoschool5 for existing members to renew their subscriptions.

    To redeem the code enter the appropriate promo code in the Promotion Code: field. Click the Update Total button to verify that the code is working. The total will go from $45 to $5. Again, this is for Deluxe memberships only so make sure the Deluxe Membership is chosen in the drop down. That's a lot of words, to see a quick little example watch the YouTube video.

    This is the full membership for only $5! Tweet it, FaceBook it, get the word out.

    1 Day Sale

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    Act fast! Today (8/13/2009) only donate $5 or more to my LiveStrong Challenge page and get a 1 year Deluxe membership to the web site for free. That's a $45 value! Offer is good on new memberships or renewals for existing members. Like I stated above this is for today only and the offer ends at midnight (MST).

    Want to get a membership for you and each of your son or daughter's teachers? Donate $100 or more and I'll set up deluxe memberships for you and each of their teachers. When the school year starts send me their name and email addresses and I'll set them up. Fine print: I'm thinking a 5 pack, please don't try to outfit the entire school with free memberships, as much as I'd like to give it away my family still has to eat. Donate now LiveStrong Challenge.

    If you need an account immediately than you might be better off using our normal sign up form. Also, if you do make the donation on our LiveStrong page then send us a support request with your full name, address and email address as it appears getting this information out of the LiveStrong system is somewhat challenging and this should speed up account creations. I'll try to get the accounts set up as fast as I can but there could be some delay. Rest assured though that the accounts will be set up within a few hours.

    Halloween Time

    news and updates holiday

    It's that time again to award your students and children with Halloween certificates and awards. The Certificate Creator has many templates in our system you can use to create awards for the Scariest Costume, Weirdest Pumpkin, Best Costume, to name just a few.


    As a Halloween treat we have a promo code for $10 off on all Deluxe memberships. When signing up use this code: shortDOOR126

    We won't forget about our renewing members either, for $15 off on a deluxe membership renewal use this code: bigMOOSE799

    Both of these promo codes will expire at the end on 11/01/2008.

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