2018 Santa Nice List Certificates

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Santa’s Nice List certificates for 2018 have arrived! These are always a hit with the kids (and adults). If needed there is a Naughty List certificate for those kids (and adults) that need the proper motivation this time of year.

Santa's Nice List Honorary Member Certificate Santa's Nice List 2018 Certificate Santa's Official Nice List 2018 Certificate Santa's Recognition Certificate

40 New Clip Art pieces added as well

Christmas themed clip art

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New Lukasz Adam Illustrations

We have another great resource for illustrations and artwork to use with your certificate creations. It is my pleasure to welcome Lukasz Adam and his illustrations into the CertificateCreator libary. His library of illustrations are free to use for personal and commercial use (MIT License). The initial import was about 180 separate illustrations that can be accessed from inside the Certificatate Creator from the category. The illustrations are also tagged with other categories where appropriate and are searchable by keywords. Illustrations sample

Lukasz’s illustrations cover a broad range, there are illustrations for business, school and sports/fitness.

New illustrations added too

There’s also 55 new illustrations added to the Certificatate Creator to compliment your certificate creations. Clip Art sample

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Version 4.3 Released

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What’s new in version 4.3.0

This is a request that comes up every few years, but not enough to ever make it onto the to do list in the last 18 years, but it was finally time to give the ability to create portrait orientation certificates:

  • When creating new certificates there is now a Document Setting window that allows you to choose between Portrait and the traditional Landscape orientation. Document Settings Menu
  • The Document Settings can be accessed and changed any time. However, be aware when going between the 2 modes you can get items off the page. Document Settings Dialog
  • The rotation slider has been changed to a number input field for better precision and control.
  • Other minor bug fixes

New Halloween Certificates

Halloween Award Halloween Scariest Costume Certificate Halloween Best Costume Certificate

New Illustrations added

New Clipart and Illustrations

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unDraw Clip Art Added

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the unDraw clip art collection by Katerina Limpitsouni. «A constantly updated collection of beautiful svg images that you can use completely free and without attribution.» The nice images caught my eye but also the MIT license that she is using, which allows the us to incorporate them into the Certificate Creator! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks preparing the files and putting them into the system. I’m happy to announce we have brought in 100+ unDraw images that are ready to use for your certificates and awards. The unDraw library can be found in it’s own category in the Clip Art section. Select from the category drop-down.

The unDraw images (.svg or .png formats) can be download right from the unDraw site to use in your presentations and other projects.

I’d like to see how the unDraw images can be used in your certificates so be sure to share your certificates. Clip Art sample 01 Clip Art sample 02 Clip Art sample 03

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Space Themed Certificates

Last month we released some space themed clip art (rockets, planets and aliens). Using some of the new space themed clip art we created new certificates and awards that incorporate the space clip art into a variety of templates. You will find these and other certificates in the system ready for you to customize and print!

Space - Achievement Space - Perfect Attendance Space - Diploma Science Award Space Derby - General Space Derby - General

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New Certificates In January

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We’re kicking off the new year with a bunch of new certificates, clip art and borders!

New Clip Art

Certificate Clip Art Awards Clip Art

New Certificates

A few of the new templates added to the system in the last 30 days:

Certificate of Participation - Basketball Certificate of Participation 02 - Basketball Skating Certificate - Figure Skating Award of Excellence - Swimming Certificate of Completion - Business

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Creating 4-up Certificates

Here is an example on how to put 4 certificates onto 1 page. This tutorial showcases:

  • Multiple certificates per page
  • Placing a signature
  • Customizing text
  • Resizing multiple objects as a group
  • Duplicating objects
  • Centering text to the certificate page

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Framing A Photo Tutorial

Building upon the File Upload tutorial we will now add a border around the headshot image we added to the Superior Performance certificate template.

This video shows the following features:

  • Using a certificate border to frame an image
  • Sizing a border
  • Using the color picker to match a color

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Uploading your Own Images Tutorial

Deluxe members have the ability to upload their own images and use them on their creations. Certificate Creator accepts the following file formats:

  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .svg

This video shows the following features:

  • Uploading your own images
  • Placing uploaded images on a certificate
  • Resizing uploaded image
  • Duplicating objects
  • Selecting multiple items
  • Removing objects from a template
  • Adding student or player headshots to your certificates and awards

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Sharing Certificates

Brand new in version 4.1 is the ability to share your own creations with other Certificate Creator members. A few things to keep in mind before sharing your work:

  1. Upon publishing a certificate it will no longer be private, all members will have access to use and print this certificate.
  2. Any shared certificate is free of any Copyright or Trademark images and/or text.
  3. Remove any names, schools or companies from the certificate before publishing.
  4. This feature is not available for Free Accounts, you’ll need to purchase a subscription to share

Basically if you have used uploaded any clip art or other files to use with your certificate then it’s probably not a good candidate to share without modifing it. We are excited to see what all our members create and share!

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