Perfect Attendance Religious

Perfect Attendance Religious certificate image

Perfect Attendance - Religious

We had a request for a religious themed perfect attendance certificate. For customization enter your church name, have the priest/pastor and the religious education teacher sign.

Filename: Perfect Attendance - Religious

Category: All, Religious

Basketball-Most Improved Player

news and updates sports

Basketball Most Improved Player certificate image

Basketball-Most Improved Player

Here’s another base template that can easily be customized to meet your sports awards needs.

Filename: Basketball-Most Improved Player

Category: All, Sports

Best Defensive Player Football

news and updates sports

Football Best Defensive Player certificate image

Best Defensive Player

Although this certificate template is a football template that is easily changed by deleting the football border and replacing it with a border that suits your sport.

Filename: Best Defensive Player

Category: All, Sports

Baseball 1st Place

news and updates

Baseball 1st Place certificate image

Baseball - 1st Place

Filename: Baseball - 1st Place

Category: All, Sports

Presidential Recognition

Presidential Recognition certificate image

Presidential Recognition of Excellence

The idea behind this certificate is to award athletes that compete in the Presidential fitness program in gym class.

Filename: Presidential Recognition

Categories: All, Sports, Patriotic


Patriotic-Participation certificate image

Patriotic - Participation

Here’s a Certificate of Participation with a patriotic theme. Our current inventory of patriotic templates has gotton a lot of use as they have been used by schools, business and of course our military members as well.

Filename: Patriotic - Participation

Category: All, Patriotic

Leadership Achievement

Leadership-Achievement certificate image

Leadership - Achievement

Filename: Leadership - Achievement

Category: All, Business

Superior Performance - Target

Superior Performance certificate

Superior Performance - Target

In Pursuit of Excellence

Filename: Superior Performance - Target

Categories: All, Business, General Awards

Scholarship - Congratulations

Congratulations-Scholarship Certificate image

Scholarship - Congratulations

exemplary character, leadership, scholarship and community service

This template is a good starting point for customization for a graduating senior. Enter the name of the scholarship and the school along with the student’s name and print.

Filename: Scholarship - Congratulations Categories: All, Secondary Education


Great Accomplishment…


Themed towards elementary school. This certificate is pretty general in nature so it can be used for most situations. Certificate Name: Congratulations Categories: All, Elementary School

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