1 Day Sale

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Act fast! Today (8/13/2009) only donate $5 or more to my LiveStrong Challenge page and get a 1 year Deluxe membership to the CertifiateCreator.com web site for free. That's a $45 value! Offer is good on new memberships or renewals for existing members. Like I stated above this is for today only and the offer ends at midnight (MST).

Want to get a membership for you and each of your son or daughter's teachers? Donate $100 or more and I'll set up deluxe memberships for you and each of their teachers. When the school year starts send me their name and email addresses and I'll set them up. Fine print: I'm thinking a 5 pack, please don't try to outfit the entire school with free memberships, as much as I'd like to give it away my family still has to eat. Donate now LiveStrong Challenge.

If you need an account immediately than you might be better off using our normal sign up form. Also, if you do make the donation on our LiveStrong page then send us a support request with your full name, address and email address as it appears getting this information out of the LiveStrong system is somewhat challenging and this should speed up account creations. I'll try to get the accounts set up as fast as I can but there could be some delay. Rest assured though that the accounts will be set up within a few hours.

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