Membership Issues

Q: What's my username?
A: Your username is the email address you used when you subscribed?

Q: What's my password?
A: We're not too sure, best thing to do is to use the password retrieval system. Enter the email address you used when you subscribed and your username will be emailed to you. [Screenshot]

Q: I've changed my email address, how do I updated it with
A: Login to the system with your current email address and password. Once logged in click the Member menu and click Preferences. In the Preferences window update your email address and any of your other information. [Screenshot]

Q: I'm ready to join, where do I go?
A: Go to our secure order form and fill out your information and choose the membership package you want and you'll be on your way to creating cetificates and awards in no time.

Q: I have a charge on my credit card bill that I don't recognize from Aspen Tree Media LLC.
A: That's for your Certificate Creator membership, Aspen Tree Media is the company that built and maintains the Certificate Creator.

Printing Certificates

Q: How do I print?
A: In the Certificate Creator application choose Print from the File menu. IMPORTANT do not use the print feature of your browser it will not print the certificate appropriately.

Q: How do I set my printer to landscape mode?
A: As much as we would like to provide details on this the number of printer makes and models as well as print drivers does not make this feasible. The setting is in the print dialog somewhere.

Getting Started

Q: How do I start from a blank certificate?
A: Choose New Certificate from the file menu. This will create a clean, blank certificate. [Screenshot]

Q: How do I open one of my saved certificates or a premade template?
A: Choose Open from the File menu. The open dialog allows you to open a premade certificate or if you have saved files open those as well. [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2]

Q: How do I delete one of my saved certificates?
A: Choose Delete Saved Files from the File menu. The delete dialog allows you to choose a saved file to delete. [Screenshot]

Q: How do I add clip art, borders, banners and premade text?
A: The Import Pane on the left allows you to preview the certificate assets and filter them down by categories. Once you have found an item you would like to add to your certificate click the Add button. Deluxe members have another option for their upload images, use this tool to upload images. [Screenshot]

Q: How do I delete an object from the certificate?
A: First select the item you want removed from the certificate by clicking it. Click the Delete button Delete button and then confirm that you want to delete the object from your certificate. Remember deleting an object is final.

Q: How do I move an object around the certificate?
A: There are 3 ways to move an object that has been placed on the certificate. First click the object to select it. The first way to move an object is to simple click it and hold the mouse button down and drag it around the canvas. Once you have it positioned where you want it release the mouse button. The second option is to use the black drag box that is available from the corner. This is an option for editable text object or objects that are small or hard to drag around. The 3rd option is to use the X and Y input values in the property pane. Enter numbers into these fields to change the location. This option is good if you want a precise position that can be hard to get to by dragging the mouse.

Q: How do I change the color of an object?
A: Select the object and choose the color picker Color Picker to select a color. NOTE: not all objects allow for the color to be changed.

Q: I want to change the transparency of an object on my certificate so an object underneath it shows through.
A: Change the transparency using the Transparency input field. Transparency field

Q: How do I flip an object?
A: Use the Flip Vertical Flip Vertical or Flip Horizontal buttons.

Q: I would like to rotate an object in the certificate.
A: Enter the value in the rotate field. Rotate Object

Q: The object I've just added to my certificate is too big, how do I make it smaller?
A: Select the object and use the scale input field to scale the size accordingly. Scale Object

Q: I'd like to make a quick copy of an object without having to import a new version.
A: Use the clone tool Clone Tool to make an exact copy of the currently selected object.

Q: How do I adjust the layering so an object that is underneath another object can be layered over the top?
A: Use the Layer Up Layer Up and Layer Down Layer Down buttons to adjust the order in which objects on the certificate are ordered. This will allow you to adjust the layering of objects.

Editable Text

Q: How do I add my own custom text?
A: Click the Add Text button. A new text member will be added to the center of the certificate. By clicking a text member that opens it for editing and use your keyboard to enter the desired text. Insert Text Button

Q: Can I set the font and other text attributes of editable text members?
A: Yes you can set the font to any of the available fonts that are on your system as well as set the text to bold, italic and underline. Use the following buttons in the property panel for setting font attributes. Text editing buttons

Last updated 6/6/06