Santa Nice List Certificates

For the past few years we've been creating Santa's Certificate of Goodness certificates. The Certificate of Goodness is a certificate that Santa leaves for all the girls and boys that get their name added to his Nice List. I know first hand that our kids love to find the Certificate of Goodness in their stockings.

Previous Certificate of Goodness certificates and other season appropriate awards can be found under the Holiday category.

Christmas Certificate - Nice List

Christmas Certificate of Goodness created by Santa Claus

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Christmas Gift Certificates

Did you know the Certificate Creator has Gift Certificate templates? The time of year to really utilize them is fast approaching. If this holiday season you find yourself in the need of a gift certificate to give to that special someone look no further than the Certificate Creator.

A couple Christmas Gift Certificate examples:

Christmas Gift Certificate

Christmas Gift Certificates

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Macintosh Leopard File Upload Problems

There is a problem with the 10.5 (Leopard) version of the Macintosh OS that does not upload files to the Certificate Creator. Apple has released an update, 10.5.1 that addresses this issue.

Not all users will run into this, only Mac users that are running the initial release 10.5 and have Flash Player 9 installed (users with Flash Player 7 or 8 won't have this issue). It is recommended that all Deluxe members running Leopard upgrade to 10.5.1.

Basically what is happening when a Deluxe member is logged in and attempts to upload their own image to use with a certificate the file transfer never completes and there is no indication that the transfer was successful or not. The fix is to update to 10.5.1.

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's some ideas for certificates and awards for this Thanksgiving Holiday:

  • Eating the most turkey
  • Eating the most pie
  • Cooking the best Thanksgiving meal
  • Having the Thanksgiving meal served ontime
  • Graduating to the adult table
  • Top Chef Award
  • Football - For the winners of the backyard game

    Those are just a few ideas, please send us your feedback if you create and print a certificate for this Thanksgiving. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Certificate Creator Team

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  • Halloween Certificates

    Happy Halloween everyone. As many of you know the Certificate Creator has many templates for Halloween. We have general Halloween themed certificates that you can use for most anything to the tried and true Best Costume. Last year we had a user hand out stickers made from the sticker template. They were a hit with the kids.

    Have a safe and fun Halloween video

    At a charity event we were able to purchase the time of a video production company to put together a promotional video. We utilized their time to come up with a video that showcase the benefits of the Certificate Creator. To kick off the premiere of this event we are running a special on Deluxe memberships. Use promotional code: bigROOF933 to get 20% off on a Deluxe membership. We'll be running this for the remaining month of October.

    Sit back, have some popcorn and enjoy the show while we work on new Halloween certificates.

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    National Boss Day - October 16

    Tuesday October 16 is National Boss Day. To help employees honor their Boss's we have created a few certificates to bestow upon deserving bosses. Be sure to check out the inventory in the business and General Awards categories as there are many other appropriate templates to use for Boss Day. National Boss Day was launched in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haroski, an Illinois secretary and employee at State Farm Insurance Company, who registered it with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She chose the date because it was her father's birthday - and her father also happened to be her boss.

    Achievement Award for Boss's Day

    Appreciation Award for Boss's Day

    Award of Excellence - Boss's Day

    Excellence in Leadership - Boss Day

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    Patriot Day September 11th

    In honor of Patriot Day (9/11) we have added 3 new Patriot Award certificates into the Certificate Creator template library. Use one of these templates to honor your friends or colleagues that go above or beyond the call of duty in the support of the troops. The Certificate Creator also has a large constituency of members serving overseas, we'd like to hear how you use these certificates. As always your feedback is welcome, use one of the feedback forms inside the Certificate Creator.

    Patriot Award - For Love of Country

    Patriot Award - For Unwavering Patriotism

    Patriot Award - Support for our Armed Forces

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    12 Big Brother and Big Sister Certificates

    Last week Kristin our virtual assistant came up with the great idea of a certificate for a child when the new brother or sister arrives. When the new baby arrives you customize and print one of the 12 new certificate templates and give it to the new big brother or big sister.

    One thing I want to point out is that the stork clip art file allows you to change the color of the blanket thus allowing you to tailor your certificate design for boys or girls.

    These 12 big brother/sister certificates can be found in the Early Childhood category.

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    Scuba Diving Certificates

    We had a request from a member for scuba certificates for their adult scuba diving classes. The new clip art can be found in the Sports category, the kid divers are from Toon-a-day.The new certificates can be found in the New Certificates category for the next 30 days or under the sports category.

    SCUBA stands for "Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

    Scuba diving completion certificate

    Scuba diving completion certificate

    Scuba diving achievement certificate

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